Tips For A Happy Family Photoshoot

Having some professionally taken photographs of your family can provide you with precious memories for years to come. To make sure you get the most out of the occasion, it pays off to do a little planning and preparation first. Here are some tips to help you achieve some beautiful natural-looking results.

Make it fun!

Posing in front of a camera, especially before a stranger, does not come naturally to many of us, and small children in particular may find it quite stressful. To avoid this, pick an activity that the family enjoys doing together. This could be throwing a stick for your pet dog, bike riding, or tucking into your favourite snacks, for example.

Choose the best time of day

The best natural daylight is usually two hours after sunrise, or before sunset. However, it is more important to make sure it is a time of day when everyone is feeling well-rested and fed, so they can relax and enjoy the photoshoot, rather than be impatient to get to dinnertime!

Plan your outfits

While you probably want to avoid wearing matching outfits, it’s best to think ahead so there are no uncomfortable clashes which you will come to regret in the future! If your children are old enough, get them involved in the process, so that they have a say in the final results. 

If there are disagreements, stick to soft neutral colours and add interest with bright accessories such as scarves or hairbands. The main thing is to wear comfortable clothes that you can move around easily in, and not be distracted by.

Get the whole family on board

Allow plenty of advanced notice so no one is rushed or taken by surprise. Explain to your family how important the event is to you. If everyone is excited and enthusiastic about the idea, it will result in some lovely natural shots which you can treasure.

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