Must have wedding photography shots

It is amazing how far wedding photography has come in such a short space of time, from only having a few select group shots to the ability to capture real emotions in candid wedding photography.

Whilst we have largely moved on from a wedding photo tradition of only having huge formal group shots, there are still a lot of shots a couple are likely to want on the big day, and the best way to ensure that you have all the shots you need is to know what you want to capture.

Here are some must-have wedding shots.

The Little Details

One wonderful part of weddings is that there are so many small details that make a wedding, including the invites, the boutonnieres, the rings and all of the accessories, the wedding photographer gets access to so many beautiful details that are worth capturing.

The Dress Reveal

Whilst the wedding portrait goes without saying as a shot, one more candid variation is the moment when the mother or Maid of Honour zips up the dress, revealing the blushing bride’s look just before the guests do.

Capture the veil, the bouquet, the train and all of the other details as well from every angle.

Naturally, showing the groom as well getting himself ready is an opportunity for more amazing shots.

The Venue

If a wedding album was a film, the shots of the venue would serve as your establishing shot.

These important pictures highlight the beautiful setting, locales and the seated guests all eagerly awaiting that first few bars of the Bridal Chorus when the groom heads to the alter, followed by the beautiful bride-to-be.


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