How To Overcome Camera Shyness

If you are planning to get married, booking a Bedfordshire wedding photographer will be one of the things on your to-do list. But whether this is just for photographs on the day itself or includes extras like engagement pictures, camera shyness may be something of a concern.

This is understandable. Lots of people cringe when they see unflattering pictures of themselves in photo albums or online, not least when they are all over social media for everyone to make comments on – sometimes far from kind. Apart from that, some people are just naturally shy.

None of this is anything to be ashamed of. Not everyone likes to be the centre of attention, although of course this comes with the territory on one’s wedding day. But there are ways of tackling camera shyness to ensure you get some memorable pictures.

A good start is to remember you’ll be looking great on the day: smart, with the clothes, hair, and if you’re a bride, the makeup and all that goes with it. You’ll be rocking that look, so keep telling yourself how great you’ll look.

It’s certainly not about looking ‘perfect’. Forget all those supposedly pristine magazine cover photos. Many of those have been photoshopped anyway. Remember this is all about an event when someone is choosing to spend their life with you, perfections and imperfections all together.

Learning to pose is also part of the art. Remember that with an expert photographer you’ll be coached to do this, so your best angles and most flattering stances will be what makes it onto the final set. And don’t forget, there may be plenty of out-takes, but you needn’t worry about them as they will never see the light of day. 

With great backdrops, a bit of editing and lots of shots to choose from, you need not worry about a few nerves when the camera is about; you’ll still end up with a set of wonderful shots that will provide memories to treasure, not blush about. 


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