2022 What a Fabulous Year of Weddings

Oh wow, what a fantastic year 2022 has been, it really has been the year that weddings came back after the pandemic.

As a Bedfordshire based wedding photographer I am ideally based to travel into other counties to shoot at some amazing venues.

It’s impossible to decide what my favourite has been, as they have been so varied.  From gorgeous marquee in the grounds of the beautiful Braxted Park to the small and intimate surrounds of the Woburn Coffee house it’s just too hard to call.

I can talk about some stand out moments that really cement the fact that I really do have the best job in the world.

Watching my bride at Oxnead Hall trying to get into the back of the golf cart elegantly and not quite getting it right, I laughing so much that I almost didn’t get the shot but I did and she said its one of her favourites out of the whole gallery – candid photography at its best.

Lining the groom and groomsmen up the steps at the back of Pendley Manor and taking a step back to get them all in frame and falling up the step only then to fall into the fountain, good job it had netting over the top otherwise it would have been a very wet start to the day.

Taking photos of my couple on the swing at Eastington Park and having one of the cows lick my arm, I’m not gonna lie I scared the life out of me.

I think the most memorable was on a very warm day in July at Bruisyard Country estate, we were taking a break and having something to eat when a very panicked member of the hospitality team came to tell us that the goats had escaped.

I’d like to thank you all of my couples that have laughed at my silly jokes, smiled and said yes when I have suggested doing something because it will be a great shot, gone along with my enthusiasm for golden hour, in the darker months stood outside in the cold while I’ve set up my speedlights and then giggled like mad at seeing the great results.  I’d especially like to thank my couple who renewed their vows at Offley Place just before Christmas who stood in the rain and then got surrounded by the smoke bomb all because I wanted them to have a fabulous dramatic shot! 

All of my couples have made me feel so welcome and it has been an honour to be part of their special day.

My eyes have filled with tears as my couples have said their vows and you can feel the love they have for each other and I have laughed at the funny anecdotes in the speeches, 2022 has been a great year and I am really excited to see what love, joy and happiness 2023 brings.

Best wishes

Catherine xx 


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