What Will Post-Lockdown Weddings Be Like?

For couples getting married in the last 18 months, weddings have turned out to be very different to how they originally imagined.

With some couples having to postpone their nuptials and those going ahead with UK weddings being forced to revise their guest lists downwards, the reality of the day has turned out significantly different from the dream.

Of course, that has not prevented many thousands of couples enjoying great days or happy times as a married couple since, but even so, the fact that restrictions have been lifted now offers opportunities not available before.

This means new trends can emerge for the post-lockdown period, which creative wedding photography can fit in with the produce a fantastic all-round experience.

Her Hampshire suggests five specific trends are emerging. Firstly, with more time to prepare, elements like the bridesmaid’s speech are coming back, something that will give her a higher profile.

Another tend is linked to the presence – or absence – of children, with many couples enjoying a rare chance to enjoy a social event without the youngsters in tow. This may also impact on the photographic priorities, as there may be more set-piece pictures in which everyone is more compliant as they pose for the camera.

Other elements include earlier finishes due to people being less used to late nights out than previously, a more relaxed and less formal approach – removing some key moments from the prospective photo album like the cake-cutting – and live music, which means bands may be a focal point once again.

However, some features of pandemic weddings may remain, according to 116 Pall Mall.

It predicted that smaller guest lists, more flexible plans that can be implemented in different times and places, more creative catering, the use of online streaming of ceremonies and the increased use of unusual venues will all be the norm going forward.

That means the photographs of your big day might show some very different things to what they would had the pandemic not happened. But with a skilled and experienced photographer, you can still end up with a wonderful set of images of what will remain a memorable and pivotal day in your life.


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