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Top Tips To Shoot The Perfect Proposal Photos

Given how regimented and scheduled most weddings are, one of the most spontaneous pieces of candid wedding photography for most couples is the proposal itself.

This is because, in almost every case, a proposal comes as a surprise, although this has become increasingly up for debate whether the proposal should be planned or not.

Whilst a spontaneous marriage proposal is a wonderful moment, from the genuflection to the ring, to the achingly touching words spoken by the couple as one asks for the other’s hand in marriage, it can be difficult but truly rewarding to capture that moment of pure elation and joy.

Here are some tips to photograph a proposal perfectly.

Investigate What Your Fiancé Wants

It can be tricky to keep the surprise hidden, especially if you have an especially big moment planned, but if grooms can find the perfect engagement ring, they can also find the right photographer.

This also helps work as a test run for the ceremony itself; if they can take the perfect shot of that perfect moment of elation, it stands to reason they would be a good fit for the ceremony.

Rely On Expertise

If you have a plan for what kind of shot you want and the location you want to propose, a photographer can help provide specialist advice on what kind of lighting, placement and location would be perfect for the shot so you know where to stand and what direction to face.

If you can, walk through the location at the same time of day to know for sure what kind of results you can expect.

Lighting, in particular, is the most important consideration, and many professionals will recommend late-day proposals which can provide more even, softer lighting.

It Takes Two

Because you want to capture both reactions, it can sometimes be worth hiring two photographers to capture each person separately in the moment, as well as the buildup to the surprise.

Alternatively, make sure that the shot is taken side-on so one photographer can capture both reactions in the same, perfect shot.


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