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The Most Unusual Weddings

Given how personal, intimate and emotional weddings are, most couples will want to bring their individual flair and personality to the proceedings.

For most, this is expressed in the cake or the decorations at the wedding reception, but for others, this can manifest in some quite interesting ways and lead to some creative wedding photography to match the innovation on display.

Here are some of the most unusual weddings ever reported.

A Wedding Train That Sparked A Cross-Continental Contest

Bridal trains can get long, but an attempt by a Guangzhou couple to have the world’s longest bridal train ended up inadvertently sparking off a contest that spanned a decade.

In 2006, the holders of the world record were a company called Dynamic Projects in Caudry, France, however, Xie Quiyun’s 200m attempt beat this and then was quickly beaten again by a team in Cyprus in 2007.

Ten years later, however, Caudry, a town famous for lace, got its record back by making a staggering 8095m bridal train in 2017.

A Floating Bungee Jump Wedding

Marriage is often seen as a huge step for many couples, but few steps were as large as the steps Jeroen and Sandra Kippers took in Brussels when they tied the knot and proceeded to bungee jump off of a 160ft platform.

After this, they then went up again to have a floating wedding reception and dinner.

Marriage In A Shark Tank

Whilst you need at least two witnesses to get married, nobody ever said there couldn’t be sharks at a wedding.

And so, a couple in New York City got married in a shark tank, wearing traditional white and black wetsuits and surrounded by eels, sharks and a grouper.

The two were experienced divers and wanted to tie the knot in their favourite place, although the person who officially married them, perhaps understandably, did not join them.


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