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The most popular wedding flowers of 2022

Where do you start when it comes to picking flowers for your wedding? With bouquets, boutonnieres, table arrangements/centre pieces and possibly more to consider it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start.

 Is it about picking a flower that you love first and then seeing what else will work with it? Is it about knowing what colour theme you have and then finding flowers that will complement that? Is it more to do with budget and what you can afford to spend on flowers? Are you taking into account the scent of the flowers and if that might become Or is it something else entirely?

Regardless of your starting point many couples do look to what’s popular around the time of their wedding and so the following list of the most popular wedding flowers and wedding flower trends of 2022 should help to provide you with some inspiration. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Most popular flowers of 2022

  • Pampas Grass, a real throw back and incredibly popular for bohemian style weddings.
  • Anemone, a great option that comes in a variety of colours, has a subtle scent and flowers that range from 1.5’’ to 4’’ in diameter.
  • Freesia, these flowers represent friendship and thoughtfulness and are popular in bouquets, centrepieces and boutonnieres. They have a subtle fragrance and can be paired with many other flowers.
  • Posies, simple and elegant. Often best when used in a smaller bouquet or arrangement so that they do not get lost. A delicate flower that remains a firm favourite with brides year after year.
  • Lily of The Valley, beautiful in its simplicity whether used alone or alongside other flowers. Many royals and celebrities have even favoured the Lily of The Valley so you are in good company if that is what you opt for.
  • Hydrangeas, possibly the most popular wedding flower year after year, available all year round.

Knowing what flowers you want to use might only be part of the solution, next it’s onto thinking about how you want them displayed, what types of arrangement would suit the overall feel of your wedding? What is going to complement your day and ‘wow’ your guests on the day.

 Take a look below for a little inspiration from 2022’s most popular styles.

Most popular flower trends of 2022

  • Cascading wedding bouquets, popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s the cascading wedding bouquet has risen again in popularity over recent years. You can create a number of different looks with this approach based on the type of flowers you choose, the colours in your bouquet and the size that you opt for.
  • Dried flowers and foliage, this has been a really popular option this year as the bohemian style of wedding increases in its popularity and becomes much more mainstream. Used in both bouquets and centrepieces; these can look incredibly striking.
  • Flower aisles and archways, ditch the confetti and instead go for a striking look with full blooms lining your aisle at ground level and then finish the look with a flower-based archway that will beautifully frame you as you say your vows. Take it a step further and also place flowers in areas around your reception venue, such as your dance floor and near to your cake table.
  • Bold and bright, make a real statement with the flowers that you choose for every element of your wedding. Since the pandemic many more couples are celebrating their weddings in a much more bold and colourful way – a true celebration of bringing people together. Don’t be afraid to go bold and bright and create something that is eye catching and truly stands out.
  • Suspended flower installations, looking for something different to the traditional centrepieces that we tend to see on tables at wedding receptions? Why not investigate if your venue is suitable to have suspended flower installations instead, not only do these look incredible but they can give you back acres of space on your table tops and reduce the chance of your tables and settings looking overcrowded. It also means that guests don’t have to try and look over or around arrangements as they try to talk to each other.

Choosing the right flowers for your wedding, and the right way to display them, is an incredibly personal choice, have a think about what it is that you are drawn to, use Pinterest for inspiration, talk to your wedding florist and show them plenty of pictures of your chosen wedding venue and above all stick with what will make you happy. 


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