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How To Pose During Your Wedding Photoshoot

After all the planning, finding the right venue, the dream bridal gown, and perfecting the schedule for the day, it’s finally here, you’ve tied the knot, and it’s time for photographs. But then you freeze, utterly unsure how to stand and pose without looking awkward or weird. What do you do with your hands? Where do you look? What even is posing?

No matter which of the latest wedding trends you had adopted, choosing the right photographer for the day is crucial, and they will be able to tell you how to pose and stand for the photos, but we have a look at some tips to give you a head start.

1. Determine Your Best Side

There’s a good chance that one side of your face photographs better than the other, so if you don’t know which is your good side, grab a friend and a camera or smartphone, and get dozens of photos from every angle. Turn your head to different sides, tilt it up and down, and then study the results to see which angles suit you best.

2. Smile Naturally (Or Not At All)

It may be the happiest day of the year, but that doesn’t mean you need a maniacal grin all day like the Joker. Wedding photography can take some time, and if you’re not a naturally smiley person, then reserve your best smile for the photos to give your face muscles time to relax between photos. Try to smile naturally, even if you relax your mouth and smile with your eyes.

3. Mind Your Arms

Holding your arms close to your body to maybe hide any bingo wings will unfortunately make your arms look bigger. Practise holding them just slightly away from the sides for the best results. Stand up straight, square your shoulders, and bend your arms at the elbow.

4. Rotate Your Torso 

To make yourself appear thinner, practice this Hollywood pose:

  • Rotate your hips 45 degrees away from the camera.
  • Shift your weight to your back foot.
  • Point your front foot towards the camera and bend your knee slightly.
  • Place one hand on your hip and smile.

Angling your body this way is sure to flatter your figure and create beautiful wedding pictures.

5. Have Fun!

You’ve spent so long planning your wedding, and it is finally here, so enjoy it! Have silly, goofy fun with your bridesmaids, and let your personality shine through!

If you’re looking for natural wedding photography in Bedfordshire, get in touch today!


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