Couple’s Wedding Photo To Be Sent To The Moon

All newlyweds want to be over the moon about their wedding photos, but a could from Wolverhampton have taken that to a whole new level, as one of their wedding day prints is to be launched to the lunar surface.

BBC News reports that Rosie and Andy Hart, far from being astronauts, won a competition that will see their likeness take a 238,855 miles trip into space.

However, the couple may feel that the real rocket science was managing to finally get wed after their big day had to be postponed twice due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it was the obstacles they overcame that their winning photo represented.

The competition was organised by Andy Summers, an imaging specialist who has been creating high-quality images of the Apollo moon missions of the 1960s for a new book and had secured some room on a commercial space flight being launched by private firm Astrobotic, which will launch in 2022.

Alongside scientific instruments and technology, Astrobotic is also taking a ‘Moonbox’ on the unmanned trip, which will contain mementoes from people all around the world, and will be left on the lunar surface as a time capsule.

Andy Hart, who got married to Rosie in October 2020, said he spotted details of the competition on social media via his interest in space travel, and thought “to send something there, it is pretty amazing”.

Rosie said the chosen photo represented the journey the couple had endured to get through to their big day.

She said: “This one really captured us and we are holding up our wedding rings like we made it, we did it.”

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