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What Are The Bridal Wear Trends For 2022?

2022 is set to be a bumper year for weddings, after the recent disruptions and disappointments. Plans that have long been on hold are at last swinging into action! One of the most exciting parts for the bride is picking the perfect dress. 

Of course, there are no rules, and you can wear whatever you please. Even so, for those who enjoy the fashion game, it is always fascinating to know what is trending in bridal wear at the moment. Here’s a quick round up of what the style mags are saying.

Over at Glamour, the message is that wedding styles are a broad church this year. As the saying goes, “you do you.” Hemlines will be midi, mini, or maxi. Less traditional weddings, perhaps the more informal and smaller gatherings that have by necessity become popular, may even see the bride wear a jumpsuit or trousers/suit combo.

Meanwhile, Cosmopolitan predicts that in these straitened and eco-conscious times, the pre-owned wedding dress will be a popular choice. Buying a second-hand dress will mean that either you spend less on a garment that you will only wear once, or you can stretch to a high-end designer that you couldn’t afford otherwise.

Another option is to rent your dress: it was good enough for Carrie Johnson, who reportedly rented an embellished tulle gown by Greek designer Christos Costarellos, at a cost of just £45. To buy the dress new would have been a far more budget-denting £2,830.

Renting an outfit is not just for the bride either: it is also a great idea for guests with multiple events to attend this year, as a backlog of delayed nuptials may lead to a very busy social calendar! There are more and more dress hire companies popping up, as it is a sustainable and environmentally way to enjoy fashion, as well as being more affordable.

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